What Makes Us Different

We know current television ads portray insurance as simple and so easy to understand. It only takes a couple of minutes to get a quote, right?

That hastily prescribed quote may provide you a cheap price, but does it provide the actual protection you need? Is it just that – cheap?

Webster’s dictionary defines cheap as inferior. When insuring your car, home or life do you really want the word inferior attached? And to find out that at the moment you need it most, your insurance policy doesn’t cover what you thought it did? Our agency believes in finding the best value for the insurance policy that fits your needs.

The members of our staff have, on average, 25 years of insurance experience and feel you deserve to understand what you’re buying. Our entire job is focused on you and finding value and comprehensive coverage for your family and your most valuable assets.

As an independent agency, we can explore several companies to find a policy that matches your needs at a price that matches your budget. Our agency is also a member of Trusted Choice. As a member of this organization, we agree to a pledge of performance in servicing our clients. You can visit the Trusted Choice website at www.trustedchoice.com

Put our experience to work today.