Huth Insurance celebrates 125-year milestone

125 years

Huth Insurance has hit the 125-year mark. The Nazareth-based independent insurance agency has survived world wars, the Great Depression, and continues to serve its customers throughout the Lehigh Valley.

“It’s pretty incredible when you think about it. Few things last 100 years, let alone 125,” says Roger Huth, president of Insurance. “I think what’s kept us going all these years is a deep commitment to customer service. We are humbled and honored to have served our community for 125 years.”

Huth joined his father and grandfather at the agency 48 years ago in 1975, and today is one of the fourth generation to operate the business. His sister Linda (Huth) Crook, started in 1976, and her daughter, Jennifer Brooks joined the team part-time in 1988 and full-time in 1990. Personal lines rep Dawn Stout has also served the team for the last 41 years.

In an age of insurance sold by mascots and catchy jingles, Huth Insurance has remained a stalwart independent insurance agency, finding customers the best coverage at the most affordable price from the companies the agency represents.

“Most people don’t want to think about insurance until they really need it, but at its simplest insurance is a promise,” Huth says. “For the last 125 years, we have promised our customers that we would be there to help them navigate a loss or an accident.”

Early days

Huth explains his great-grandfather, Frank Huth, opened the business in 1898. It was a career change for Frank who spent 26 years teaching, and 16 of those as principal of Nazareth High School. He got to work insuring homes and businesses throughout Nazareth, and just a few years later offering coverage for those new-fangled automobiles.

Frank’s son, Frank Reinhart Huth, joined the agency in 1916, along with his brother-in-law Charles W. K. Shafer. “According to our records, in those days fire insurance on a brick home was 10 cents per month,” Huth adds.

Founder Frank Huth died in 1937 but his legacy lived on. Frank Reinhart Huth managed the business and worked for 65 years until his death in 1981.

In 1960 Frank Reinhart Huth welcomed one of his sons, F. Robert Huth to the agency. In 1976 the agency incorporated and welcomed two of F. Robert’s children, Roger and Linda as agents.

The agency moved around in its early years but never strayed far from the heart of Nazareth. In 1971 the agency moved to its current home on 16 Belvidere St. in Nazareth.

Today the agency offers coverage for auto, home, life, business, disability, recreational vehicles, antique cars, and trailers and represents many companies.

“The thing that’s never changed from the time my great-great-grandfather started this agency is commitment to the community,” says Jennifer Brooks, who represents the agency’s fifth generation.